We believe that sound research is vital to informed decision making and an essential element in the formulation of educational missions.
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We believe that sound research is vital to informed decision making and an essential element in the formulation of educational missions. We are dedicated to building successful working relationships with both children and adults, and are committed to working around our participants' schedules and needs.

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Throughout the process, we strive to communicate thoroughly and effectively with our clients. Because our mission is to provide data our clients can be confident relying on, we are diligent in ensuring that we immediately communicate any potential design or implementation problems as soon as they become apparent, along with an array of possible solutions.

Sound Scientific Principles


We believe this approach is not only essential to providing our clients with the services they expect, but to ensuring the reliability of the data and analysis in our work product. This is consistent with our dedication to sound scientific principles and proven methods of statistical analysis.

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About Dr. Caplovitz

Allison Gilman Caplovitz, Ph.D. is a content, curriculum, research, and evaluation advisor. She focuses on direct assessment of multiple constituencies such as young children, students, teachers, and parents. Some of Dr. Caplovitz's more notable clients have included Sesame Workshop, Highlights for Children, Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh, and Austin Independent School District.

Dr. Caplovitz has collected data for large-scale research studies and has worked on small evaluations for content development. She is experienced in focus-group facilitation, and her special area of interest is the development of measurement tools and training others on the reliability of tools. She has experience with both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Dr. Caplovitz works with children's websites, children's television programs, children's print media and children's toys to help shape content in these various media forms. In addition, she works with school districts and non-profits to help improve children's experiences in schools.

Prior to her work at TECA, Dr. Caplovitz was the Manager of Research and Development for Blue's Clues, an educational preschool program on Nickelodeon, an intern at Sesame Workshop, and an educational consultant to Fisher-Price where she assessed the learning potential of an interactive literacy product. She also authored numerous Blue's Clues children's books.

She resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, Bryan, and her three children Matthew, Benjamin, and Rachel.

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Here Are Some Clients Who Have Earned Our Trust
Fisher Price
Highlights for Kids
Hezel Associates
Suma Social Marketing
Copia Consulting
University of Pittsburgh
  • Allison is an exceptional research partner and consummate professional. Her work is thoughtful, meticulous, and solid. In addition, she has excellent communication skills and is a pleasure to work with. I would definitely hire her again.

    . . .
    Lindsay Clare Matsumura
  • We were very fortunate to have Allison lead a comprehensive research study for our educational media. Allison not only adeptly trained and led a team of researchers, she created a testable research plan with measures for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking classrooms. We are thrilled because it contains so much evidence-based data that continues to inform important decisions for our company today.

    . . .
    Dan Gordon
  • I have worked with Allison Caplovitz for over five years. She is always the person that I call when I have a project with a significant qualitative research component. Allison is dependable and precise in her work and is warm and friendly with colleagues and clients.

    . . .
    Andrea Hudson, Ph.D.
  • At Highlights for Children, when we wanted to expand our product line to reach more children, we hired Allison to help develop a research plan. Her thoughtful approach provided insights that supported our mission of helping children become their best selves. We have worked together many times since then. Allison’s understanding of children, research methods, media, and our company is a key ingredient in our success at Highlights.

    . . .
    Andrew Gutelle
  • Allison is a total professional who brings a thoughtful approach and a passionate spirit to her work. She is highly knowledgeable in her field but is also open-minded and shows a willingness to listen to other points of view. I would highly recommend Allison for your research and media needs.

    . . .
    Jennifer Hamburg

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